Mentorici Andreja Vidmar in Alenka Bratuša za dijake in dijakinje pripravljata delavnice kreativnega pisanja v slovenščini in angleščini. V okviru krožka beremo poezijo in kratke zgodbe sodobnih slovenskih in tujih avtorjev in avtoric. Ukvarjamo se z raziskovanjem ustvarjalnega procesa in vsebin, ki so lahko osnova za pisanje. Z različnimi kreativnimi metodami dijaki in dijakinje iščejo lastni, avtentični izraz.

Who is love?

Who exactly is love?

Is he a gentle person? 

A cruel one?

Is he obsessive, jealous, a walking red flag?

Or is he nice, caring, affectionate?

What does he look like?

Is he tall or short?

Handsome or cute?

What colour are his eyes?

His hair?

What does he wear?

There are so many questions,

but no clear answers.

And when I finally start to understand, 

love comes and surprises me,

again and again and again.

From what I’ve assumed,

love is everything, every shape and everywhere I go.

He seems like he doesn’t care,

like he likes being chased.

But in reality,

he longs for my attention,

just wanting the best for me,

fearing that he would lose his place in my heart to the hate,

trying to overrule the world.

He is pure good,

although he may seem bad at times.

He is quite easy to take advantage of,

but when he finds out,

he strikes hard,

right there where it hurts the most,

even if he hurts himself in the process.

There is one thing about him though.

Even if he seemingly leaves my life,

he is always there,

always watching,

just waiting for me to reach out.

Love doesn’t tell me anything

but just by being here with me,

in my life,

he explains everything

and I am very thankful to him

for involving himself in my life, 

without me begging: “Come, stay!”

Neli Ribič Kurnik, 1.c